"We Cannot Solve Problems with the Same Level of Thinking that Created Them"

Success isn’t born, it’s made.


To us, success is a science built upon a solid foundation. We don’t believe in luck, but in causality (cause and effect).


We focus on results and data, not what everyone else is doing.


It all comes down to how we think about things and how we see things.

We educate contractors differently

The Old Way

"Money is Produced by Time and Hard Work"

...and that doesn't work in today's world.

The New Way

"Our Students Become Multi-Dimensional"

...and their life & income is a reflection of that.

There is a void between owning a job and building a

Contracting-business...and we fill that void.

Our students learn mental awareness, mental cognition, business principles, business disciplines, and business processes and strategy.

how our method works

Traditional education is broken. We’ve been sold into thinking that if we work “x” amount of hours, then we should be paid “x” amount of money. That strategy may have worked for the old-timers, but in today’s world…working hard isn’t enough anymore.


We provide our students with the environment and building blocks to become multi-dimensional and accel in any area of life they choose, especially business.

Building Blocks

Our students become experts in Mental Awareness, Mental Cognition, Business Principles, Business Disciplines, Business Processes & Strategy. Knowing how to do only a couple of things well in today's world does not work. We have to transform into multi-dimensional business owners and understand how our entire business fits together as a unique system. 


A students ability to grow is heavily influenced by their environment. We provide the ultimate learning environment with an online community, accountability, live group training, and 1-on-1 mentorship.    

Mental Reprogramming

The #1 killer of learning is psychological, not logical. The results we are seeing in society today are that 99% of people make decisions based off of emotion, not facts and data. For students to learn and evolve, we must reprogram their minds to enhance awareness, cognition and remove delusions. Our students learn how to truly think through problems utilizing mental models that streamline the problem solving and decision-making process.  

Tools & Application

There are "talkers" and there are "doers." We provide our students with the tools and systems needed to overcome the problem, and then we hold them accountable to taking action and becoming "doers" in this world.  

Targets & Goals

Certificates and degrees are abstractions that don't reflect reality and give false entitlement. Our students don't get certificates, they aim for, optimize and achieve the real-world goal.

Real World Feedback

Learning requires feedback so students can measure progress and iterate actions to improve. Our students receive 1-on-1 mentorship and group guidance from a group of people all on the same mission.

we teach you how to become


1. Mental Awareness

- Identity, Focus, Patterns, Self-Discipline


2. Mental Cognition

- Problem Solving, Decision Making, Planning


3. Business Principles

- Mental Models, Frameworks, Concepts


4. Business Disciplines

- Cashflow, Strategy, Systems Thinking


5. Business Processes & Strategy

- Systems, Protection, Generational Wealth

Phase 1: Mental Awareness

Taking Ownership

Understand that the results you have right now are your's, and your's alone. You created your life and you have the ability to change it.


Becoming aware of who you are, psychology, self-image, biases, interests, behavior patterns.

Changing Your Identity

The person you are right now is not the person that will achieve your dreams. We will show you how to build that person.

Pattern Recognition

Understand what drives your decisions and behavior and correct them.

Feedback Loops

Catch and correct the negative thought patterns before they drive you into the ground.


Become laser-focused and prioritize your time to ensure you are taking actions that move the needle forward.


Remove any and all bad habits that you have created over the years. These habits are guaranteed to have cost you money, time, and energy throughout life.


Ever wonder why people know what they need to do but never do it? We will show you what's missing in that equation so that you develop relentless self-discipline.

Rebuilding Belief Systems

Beliefs > Actions > Results > Feedback...this formula will change everything about what you achieve in your life. 

Phase 2: Mental cognition

Problem Solving

Defining the problem, using scientific methodto hypothesize solutions, testing and iteration.

Critical Thinking

Questioning everything, thinking objectively and independently to form judgments.


Gathering and arranging items or activities in order of importance relative to each other.

Planning and Scheduling

Thinking long-term, defining goals, reverse engineering, chunking, scheduling, delegating.

Decision Making

Rapidly gathering relevant information, making tradeoffs and deciding what needs to be done.

Structuring and Organization

Categorizing, defining, labeling, structuring and optimizing everything for optimal efficiency.

Resource Allocation

Allocating time, focus and energy to important things while ignoring nonimportant things.


Looking at things from different perspectivesand consolidating based on all points of view.

Analysis and Understanding

Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something to form understanding.

Visual Mapping

Mental visualization of information byidentifying objects and interconnections.

Systems Thinking

Holistic understanding of systems, inputs, processes, outputs, feedback and environment

Second Order Thinking

The actions taken today will have a massive compounding effect over the long term. Become conscious of this and make better decisions. 

Phase 3: Business Principles

Pick A Niche

Find an area you're interested in, focus on it and understand it better than anybody else.

Solve A Problem

Identify a painful problem in your industry and build the solution for it.

Reverse Engineer the Market

All ideas should originate from your market,not your brain. You serve them, not yourself.

Customer Obsession

Do whats best for your customer, because thatis what's best for you, you just don't know it.

High Standards

Great just isn't good enough. Set excruciatingly high standards & demand them from everyone

Relentless Grit

Some people work harder, some smarter,some longer. We do all three at once.

Laser Focus

Measure and remove anything that does not serve you...and in the information age, this will be almost everything.

Go All In

"Jack of all trades and Master of None"...Not us. Our students become experts at each building block of their business. 

Think Scientifically

Environment > Inputs > Processes >

Output > Feedback 

Long Term Thinking

We will sacrifice today and do what is required (not what is comfortable) so that we build a better tomorrow.

Cash Flow Over Net Worth

We've been taught to focus on building Net Worth (wrong), but when it comes down to it, the truth is Cash Flow is all that matters.

Systemize and Measure Everything

We make decisions off of factual data, not emotion...and this data comes from the systems our students have in place.

Phase 4: business disciplines

Business Fundamentals

Understand that the results you have right now are your's, and your's alone. You created your life and you have the ability to change it.


Designing, delivering and improving a product/service customers love.


Ethical persuasion, omnipresence, sales calls, scripts, building trust and credibility, handling objections and closing the new client on a single call.


If you don't keep track of your numbers and understand them, then you are guaranteed to fail.

Team Operation and Management

Old School "do as I say because I said it" management doesn't work anymore. Our students give their team the training they need to succeed.

Banking & Financial Analysis

If you don't understand all of the parts of the system, how can you make data-driven decisions? Our students understand banking and financial analysis.


Once the machine is working and producing more income than expenses, it's time to start ratcheting it up!

Systems & Automation

Systems are crucial to the overall success of your business. Without systems there is no automation, and without automation you will not get the one thing you want back...your time.


Dominate the market with an asymmetric strategy that no one will see coming. Simply put, we do strategic planning differently.

Phase 5: Business Processes & Strategy

#1 Asset

The most valuable asset that is left off of all balance sheets today. 

#1 Investment

The only place our students invest money is into something that they control, their business.

#1 Strategy

Implementation of the necessary systems to guarantee that our life's work is protected and lasts for generations.

Legacy Doctrine

Putting together the actual material that will help the next generation succeed, your knowledge, education, lessons, and wisdom.

We Pay Ourselves First

Our students learn how to implement the system to guarantee that they get paid first. They are the ones putting in the work and they deserve to get paid.

Control and Protection

We live in a world with threats from every angle, and our work and our family is not something we will allow to be put at risk.

Producer Principles

We will have millions of dollars coming through our hands throughout our life. The question is, how much is going into your bank account?

Wealth Psychology

Your greatest risk of creating wealth is your psychology around wealth.

Reallocating Interest

Our students pay millions of dollars in interest to the bank. We teach them how to reallocate that interest back into their pocket.