How The CARES Act Benefits Contractors

With Paul Chojnacky From Sprout Lending

We are living in very interesting and uncertain times...

There is so much going on and so much information about the new CARES Act going around, it's hard to understand or know what to believe anymore.

I rarely promote anyone. I only promote people I know will do what they say they will do, have long standing relationships with, and use their services myself.

If you want to simplify and streamline the SBA application process, Paul and his team are here to help.

Paul is able to process SBA applications for:

✅ Payroll Protection

✅ Economic Injury Disaster

✅ $10,000* Advances

✅ 7(a) Working Capital

What’s the benefit of using Paul to process your application?

1️⃣ SBA websites continue to crash, error, or timeout and the process can be time consuming, especially for people who have never applied.

 Applicants that applied on the first day this program was opened are still waiting to be followed up with after applying through the website.

2️⃣ If documents are incorrect or have issues, your application will be put at the bottom of the queue and your funding can be delayed.

 The SBA, banks and “experts” have contradicting estimates on turnaround time for funds to become available. Some say 2-4 weeks, while others are saying they are backlogged for months.

3️⃣ We’ve streamlined our process with the SBA and with our extensive experience and relationships with banks, we understand exactly what the SBA needs to get your file complete and reviewed faster than the online system.

 Our clients that have applied this week have already seen movement and follow up with their files.

4️⃣ Our clients will receive the maximum amount of funding from all programs they qualify for.

 There are many options and programs available to help your business during COVID-19 and beyond. We make sure you are getting the exact type of funds your business needs to continue on.

 If you are feeling lost, confused, frustrated or if you are feeling completely overwhelmed, let Paul offer some insight and even the solution to your application issues.

➡️ Can Paul help you if you’ve already applied???


We don’t want to see your funding delayed and your business further effected because of a document issue OR because the banks really don’t care about your situation. 

Feel free to contract Paul directly or click the button below for a Free SBA Consultation.​​

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